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Protecting Your Rights at a DMV Administrative Hearing in Santa Rosa

If you have been arrested for the criminal offense of drunk driving in California, you need the experienced legal representation of Ronald Dinan & Associates on your side. Our DUI attorneys will put their years of combined experience in criminal law, along with our extensive resources, to work for you. We will fight aggressively to protect your rights and maximize your opportunity for a successful outcome.

Facts about DUI and DWI Arrests

When you are arrested for DUI or DWI, you have to deal with two separate government departments: the Criminal Court and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). In most DUI/DWI cases, you can expect to be taken to jail, booked, photographed, and fingerprinted. You will likely spend at least four to six hours in jail before being released. It is very important to obtain as much information as possible about your situation and contact an experienced DUI lawyer as quickly as you can. You and your attorney can do a number of things to mitigate, minimize, or even eliminate a criminal conviction and/or license suspension.

What We Do for You

When you choose the representation of Ronald Dinan & Associates, you will receive complete and competent advocacy. We will work to get your charges dismissed or reduced, your final sentence reduced, and/or your driver’s license suspension reduced. In most cases, we prevent the DUI matter from interfering with your work and personal obligations by handling negotiations with district attorneys, judges, and DMV hearing officers. We can also appear in criminal court and at your Santa Rosa DMV hearing on your behalf.

A Successful Santa Rosa DMV Hearing

Even if you were under the legal alcohol limit when you were arrested for drinking and driving, it is essential that you obtain the best legal representation available to ensure a positive outcome for your situation. Contact the experienced and caring DUI attorneys at Ronald Dinan & Associates for a no-cost consultation to discuss your case or your DMV administrative hearing in Santa Rosa. We’re here to help.

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