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Our Spouse Abuse Lawyer Can Help

If you are facing charges of spousal abuse, your first course of action should be to contact a spouse abuse lawyer. No matter how grim your case may appear to you, the attorneys at DUI Attorney Santa Rosa can offer you advice and assistance in building a defense. The types of defenses commonly used in cases of domestic violence are many and varied, but may include the following:

  • Involuntary intoxication
  • Automatism or unconsciousness (a state of mind that may occur while on certain medications, such as Ambien)
  • Self-defense
  • Defense of property
  • An attempt to preserve the peace
  • Denial of alleged violence
  • Characterization of violence as accidental or necessary

Which type of defense would be viable in your case would depend entirely upon the circumstances that existed at the time of the alleged violence. Schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys; we can help you to determine what a viable defense would be for your specific circumstances.

The Charges You Could Be Facing

Depending on the circumstances of your case, domestic violence can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony. The former comes with a typical sentence of imprisonment in county jail for a maximum of one year; the latter would entail imprisonment in a state prison for two to four years. In many cases, the attorneys at DUI Attorney Santa Rosa can help you seek reduced charges, and therefore, a reduced sentence.

In addition to serving less jail time, having a misdemeanor on your record typically comes with much less fallout than a felony conviction. It will be much easier for you to seek employment, for example, when you have only been charged with a misdemeanor. We will examine your case in great detail to help you achieve a favorable outcome, whether by seeking a dismissal of your case or by seeking reduced charges.

Need a Child Abuse Lawyer?

Child abuse is commonly viewed as a very serious violent crime due to the inherent innocence and helplessness of the victims. However, it is also a very broad term that can be thrown about and attached to any number of disciplinary actions against children. In one famous case, a mother who punished her children by putting hot sauce on their tongues was charged with abuse for what she believed to be a simple act of discipline.

If you are being charged with child abuse, contact DUI Attorney Santa Rosa in Santa Rosa. We will help you build a strong defense and seek a dismissal or reduction of your charges.

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